Neiva News: Covid19 vaccination engines speed up in Huila | Neiva

The departmental government with the purpose to achieve the protection of the largest number of Huilenses against the serious effects of the coronavirus that for more than two years has affected community coexistence and also the economy of the regions.

The ambitious goal of achieving herd immunity before starting the festivities of San Juan and San Pedro in Huila; intends to shield citizens from possible variants of Covid19, considering the arrival of tourists and other departments, that in some way represent a risk, especially for those who have not had access to any dose of the vaccine so far, or for those who they still do not complete schemes and reinforcements.

More than 1,700,000 doses of biologicals against Covid19 have been applied in Huila, demonstrating effectiveness, a situation that is evidenced by the low number of confirmed cases, as well as the non-existence of patients in the Intensive Care Unit due to serious effects of the disease.

“We continue to support the municipalities, through the execution of the mass vaccination strategy through a private operator, and we say ¡Yes, I vaccinate! because we all have to vaccinate ourselves to participate in the next festivities of San Juan and San Pedro well immunized” expressed César Alberto Polanía Silva, Secretary of Health of Huila.

It is expected that in 30 days coverage can be achieved on the 70% complete vaccination schedulesand thus be able to enjoy the San Pedro festivities without the mandatory use of the mask.

“The invitation is to welcome in the prioritized municipalities the teams that come to offer the vaccination service, not to believe in myths and false information that only hinder the progress of the community, to support the strategies that are carried out for the good of public health”, said the health secretary of this region.

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