Neither Cyberpunk 2077 nor The Sorcerer 3 will be released on next-gen this year

Did you think after yesterday found out activity of the PEGI rating agency in connection with the next-gen version Sorcerers 3 will we see improvements soon? We also. But in the CD of the RED Project, he sees it differently in the end. The developers announced today that based on the recommendation of the responsible creative team, the next-gen version of the game The Sorcerer 3: Wild Hunt was postponed to the second quarter of next year.

Unfortunately, we will not see a native next-gen version this year Cyberpunk 2077 pro PlayStation 5 a Xbox Series X|S. In her case, too, there was a postponement, for the same reason, but “only” to the first quarter of 2022. So we should finally look at Night City in the next-gen presentation before Novigrad, Toussaint and other locations in the world of The Sorcerer.

Although both delays will undoubtedly upset a lot of fans, we could perceive them as evidence of a certain shift in the approach of the CD Projekt RED studio to the release of new products. Cyberpunk 2077 was a great lesson for them, so they are now clearly ready to launch more projects on the market when the developers are satisfied with them in all directions, and without excessive crunch.

However, it is still unclear exactly what the next-gen versions of Sorcerer 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 will offer. Of course, you can count on a graphical improvement or shortening of loading, the third Sorcerer then promises as well free allowancesthat they offer objects inspired serial Sorcerer from Netflix. These DLCs are to be available on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. And while the next-gen upgrade of the Cyberpunk 2077 only counts on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles, the enhancement of Sorcerer 3, which is being created in collaboration with the Saber Interactive studio, will also arrive on the PC. In all cases, of course, the upgrade will be free.

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