Neighborhood shocked after find missing Celine in Piet Heinstraat in The Hague: ‘I never expected this’

“I am in shock,” says a local who saw the raid on Wednesday evening in the house where the missing 15-year-old Celine was found. He says that around 11 p.m. he got the police at the door at his house in the Piet Heinstraat. “The officer said it was the Amber Alert girl and they found the man through his phone’s GPS.” Moments later, he and his girlfriend see an arrest team coming into the street.

It turns out to be 15-year-old Celine. On Wednesday, the police issued an Amber Alert because she was possibly in danger of life and in ‘worrying company’. She would have been picked up by an unknown man near her home in Berghem on Friday and then driven away. Meanwhile a 31-year-old from The Hague was arrested and the girl was found in good health.

“They were in plain clothes,” the man and his girlfriend say about the arrest team. “We heard them break inside.” Moments later, the two see how the man is taken away. Fifteen minutes later the girl also comes out. “They went in different cars.”

Detection photo

A neighbor woke up from the raid: ‘I heard shouting: listen, police!’, She says. At first she thought that the man was being arrested “for something with weed” because he used to smoke cannabis and had cannabis plants on his balcony. She is shocked when she learns that it concerns the case of the missing Celine. “Is it that girl’s?”

“Yes, that could be him,” is her astonished reaction when she saw the scattered photo. The local resident and his girlfriend also find it hard to believe that the man is involved in this case. “I really never expected this.” They sometimes see the man walking during the day. “He’s at home a lot.” Furthermore, they don’t actually know him, they say.

Others have received nothing

Most residents in the street have not seen anything of the raid: ‘23.30 pm is too late for this girl, I was already in bed by then, ‘says a neighbor across the street, hanging from the window. Relief predominates among the local residents. Many people are surprised that this happened so close to their home or work. “It will only be your daughter.”

Most people do not know the 31-year-old Hagenaar. ‘The turnover in these houses is high,’ says a man who works in the street. Some know him at most from passing by. “I saw him sometimes, he sometimes got a milkshake down here.” A neighbor across the street: “I’ve lived here for two years and he always has his curtains drawn, actually.”

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