Neighbor of Pico Truncado scammed: the thief was left with only 43 pesos

What happened to Lorena rodriguez of Truncated Peak It is something that has been happening often. The woman put up a bicycle for sale on her Facebook. As a result of this, she was contacted by an interested party who asked for his CBU, made him believe that he had transferred a wrong amount of money and after making her go to the bank and make movements in her Bank account while being guided by “bank staff”, they ended up scamming her.

However, Lorena was lucky that still they had not deposited his salary. That is to say that the thieves only kept $ 43,70. “Forget about selling something and accept being paid for Market or with transferIf you sell pants, a ball or whatever, let them bring you the silver in hand. Never receive at home when you are alone, nor give your address. I thank God that my sister-in-law warned me not to pass the location ”, the woman advised the community, in dialogue with Radio On.


Lorena had put a bicycle up for sale at $ 40.000 and a man wrote to him in Messenger. “He asked for my phone number and called me, he told me his name was Gustavo Escheberria, who lived in Neuquen and worked on the trucks of The Serene, I was going to travel to Truncado and wanted the bike, “he said. Later asked for his CBU to deposit a $ 20,000 deposit. From that moment the deception began.

That Gustavo gave him a picture of the bank Galicia where the neighbor data and it appeared that a wrong transfer of $ 200.000, 180 thousand more than what I asked for of sign. He called her to explain the mistake and asked if he could give him her number so that he could they will contact from the bank, thus they looked for the way to fix. Lorena agreed and hours later was contacted by a supposed employee of Banco Santa Cruz.


“The man told me that through my homebanking account I was not going to be able to return the money to Gustavo, that he was going to have to go to the cashier so that from there let’s manage the transference. I went with all the faith in the world. By call they told me that I will enter my normal password and enter key management, he tells me: There the ticket with a number, pasámelo“, me I did not imagine that they are hacking me”. They asked her for a bank account have money, because otherwise “it was useless.”

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After discovering the deception, partly thanks to her family, Lorena wrote to the offender: “I asked him if they served him the $ 43.70, he looked at my messages and did not respond. My brother-in-law sent him an audio saying: You stayed with the desire, you didn’t get anything from him and he put: Ha ha”. So far it keeps appearing “online”.

Although he accepted that he is afraid, since when he went to the bank “there was a hooded leaning on the railing of the Santa Cruz, with the covered face, what never stopped looking at me. When he saw my sister and brother-in-law arriving, he left. This man (Gustavo) he was very insistent that I give him the location of my house


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