‘Neighbor’ carb shooting in Noordbarge arrested for violence and destruction – Drenthe

A man from Noordbarge was arrested after he destroyed the municipality’s measuring equipment and hit a security guard.

The man lives next to a field on the corner of Huizingsweg and Baxhoekweg in Noordbarge. There, on Tuesday afternoon, young people were carbide shooting with permission from the municipality.

The ‘neighbor’ lost a lawsuit on Monday in which he protested against carbide shooting. The man has been complaining for years that carbide shooting causes too much noise.

The judge ruled, however, that carbide shooting could continue, but the municipality would take noise measurements to assess whether the noise was indeed running out of the scuppers.

Measuring pole on municipal soil

Initially, a measuring post was placed in the man’s garden – with his permission. Later he wanted to get rid of the pole.

The officials therefore put the pole on municipal land, but close to the man’s house. After all, it was a question of measuring the extent to which he had noise nuisance.

However, the neighbor thought that was too close to his house. He jerked parts of the device, causing it to break. According to the responsible official, it must be returned to the supplier for repair.

The man also molested a security guard and pushed officials who tried to stop the destruction.

The man has been arrested and the officials have reported the destruction of municipal property. “Such a shame,” says one of the officials involved. ,, It was a beautiful day, the organization of the carbide shooting had everything well organized, they adhered to all conditions. It was just fun. And then it is so ruined. “

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,,And why? It was in his own interest that we perform those noise measurements. “

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