Nehwal is so sweet! Watch Thailand organize a great competition Darkening COVID-19

Sainanehwal, the world’s seventh-ranked women’s badminton player from India. That can participate in badminton competitions in the other 2 events in Thailand After the COVID-19 test The last time it came out was negative. Thailand reveals a great competition

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Badminton competition The first entry in the Yonex Thailand Open 2020, the World Tour Super 1000 tournament, win a total prize fund of 1,000,000 US dollars or approximately 30,100,000 baht at the Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani under new measures. Normal without allowing badminton fans And those who are not involved in the field is strictly prohibited On Thursday 14 Jan. 64 is the third day of the game in the second round of the main draw.

The highlight is Female singles category, second round, “Cream” Bussanan Ung Bamrungphan, the world‘s 12th hand, meets with Sina Neval, the world‘s No. The game comes out in close fun throughout the competition. But as the cream side, Bussanan can turn over to win in a fun game 2-1 games 21-23, 21-14 and 21-16 spent 68 minutes of competition. “Cream” Bussanan passed into the round. The last 8 meet with Meer Blitzfeld, the world‘s number 18 hand from Denmark, who defeated Iris hoping for the 50th in the world from the United States by 2-0, games 21-12, 21-16.

After the end of the competition, Sina Nehwal revealed via praising the Thai government for making the badminton competition go on. Feel safe about being a Thai host Everything is great I would like to applaud the organizers who handled everything well. Especially preventing COVID-19, saying that something is still dangerous The world suffered from COVID. And in fact I was hurt by it during the month of November. And in India, as you know, many are infected.

“I feel good about the way the Badminton World Federation is holding the tournament again. Thanks to the Thai government That keeps this competition going on It’s not an easy job But everyone, including me, is very pleased. Athletes feel safe Everything is great They have to applaud the competition that has handled everything so well, ”Nehwal said.

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