‘Negro’ Sandoval, ex-footballer of America, is arrested for possession of drugs

Luis Alonso, the ‘Negro’ Sandoval, former Mexican soccer player who had an irregular career in Liga MX with institutions such as America, Striped, Chivas and Jaguares de Chiapas, is involved in a legal matter after being detained in the United States due to problems related to the drug possession, news that was released on the night of this Saturday, February 6.

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The 39-year-old former player, who was characterized by his power and speed that normally exploded from the sides, appears on a file for Sheriff John D. Idlengurg in Illinois after being arrested for possession of, approximately, 900 grams of cocaine. Similarly, ‘The universal’ notes that in the aforementioned file it is stated that the Mexican was driving a uninsured vehicle with suspended license.

According to information from the file taken up by the aforementioned media, the events would have happened last Tuesday, February 2, so the Negro’ Sandoval it should appear before the judge on the 10th of the same month; that is, next Thursday. The file insists that the bond imposed for the drug shipment and position is raised to the 50 thousand dollars, which results in around the million pesos.

The soccer player’s professional career was characterized by constant problems and extra-court indiscipline that, in some way, they stained their participation in some teams of Liga MX. And it is that, although he never had events similar to that of now, it was everyday that he was late for training or, well, that he had some problems with alcohol or with his closest personal relationships.

The Negro’ Sandoval began his career as a professional under the coat of Guadalajara, an institution that later decided to assign it to other teams such as Tapatío, Jaguares, Veracruz, Tecos and Necaxa. In 2009, the Mexican arrived in Rayados and, after some more loans, he also belonged to clubs like Morelia, America and Atlas. In all, the far left recorded 16 touchdowns and 27 assists in 206 commitments, according to Transfermarkt.

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