negotiations have started –

Negotiations around the Dakar-AIBD highway tariff have started.

On the one hand, the Senegalese State – represented by Mahammad Boun Dionne, the Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Major Works, the Ministry of Infrastructure headed by Omar Youm – has concocted a battle plan from the committee of experts validated by Macky Sall. On the menu of discussions that will take place tomorrow Tuesday, the State has put in place strategies to formalize its entry into the capital at the initial cost of the action, in 2014. Indeed, the State will enter the capital by paying 10 billion Fcfa, instead of 19 billion Fcfa, the net present value, according to L’Observateur. Senegal, which has lost 6 years of dividends, will with this entry, increase its revenues. Another achievement: the increase in the rental price per square meter on the highway right-of-way and the change of the name of the concessionaire company. However, the reduction in toll prices will not be discussed.

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