Negative Saliva Test Results Relieve Ayancherry and Tiruvallur Panchayats from Nipah Contact Worries

Negative Saliva Test Results Relieve Ayancherry and Tiruvallur Panchayats from Nipah Contact Worries

20 September 2023, 07:25 AM IST The team came to collect the saliva sample of the bat.

Vadakara: Ayancherry and Tiruvallur panchayats are relieved as the results of the saliva test of Nipah contact victims are negative.

With the relaxation of containment zones, the country began to recover from the worries caused by Nipah. Unlike the previous days, Vilyapally and Ayanchery towns were a little more active on Wednesday.

But traffic in containment zones is not what it used to be. There was less traffic on Wednesday, including in private buses. The warning of the health department is that the caution should not be dropped and the current caution should be continued for a few more days.

Ayancheri is relieved

Ayancheri panchayat was relieved that the test results of those who had close contact with Harris, a native of Mangalad, who died of Nipah, were negative. His friend Babu, who was with Harris for the last three days, his brother Nasar and Naushad Tayil, who took Harris to the medical college, were half relieved when the results came back negative.

Later, Harris’s wife and children also tested negative. The saliva of 20 people was collected from here. Only a few of these are yet to come.

When the nine-year-old girl sought treatment at the Harris Ayanchery Family Health Centre, she was shifted to the Kozhikode Medical College isolation ward with minor discomfort. When the child’s saliva was tested, it was also negative.

On Wednesday, the saliva of two people was collected from Ayangeri panchayat. Its test result is crucial. They are closely related after the death of Muhammadali of Maruthongara. Currently there are no health problems but the test is done as a precaution.

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Although relaxations have been made in the containment zone of Ayanchery, restrictions continue in the Mangalad region. Those who are in quarantine, including those whose test results are negative, are under the observation of the health department. Their health conditions are recorded twice a day.

A saliva sample was collected from the bat

Kuttyadi: A team from the Pune Institute of Virology collected bat saliva samples from different parts of Maruthonkara.

National Institute of Virology Center Dr. Sample collection was done under the direction of Balasubramaniam. On Tuesday morning, about eight bats were caught from the bank of Kuttyadi river and samples were collected.

On Monday morning, samples were collected from the private person’s place in Talikara, the garden of the person who died due to Nipah in Tollad, the banks of the Tollad river and the surrounding area of ​​Janakikkad.

The team informed that the collection of samples will continue in the coming days. Kuttyadi Forest Ranger Abdullah Kunhiparambath, Forest Department Officer Sathyan, employees P.P. Sukumaran and Sudeep were also with the group.

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