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Negative relief for Afsha and Sharif from Al-Ahly’s training

Al-Ahly players Mohamed Sherif and Mohamed Magdy Afsha took a break from training tonight at Mukhtar Al-Teach Stadium, according to the duo’s qualification schedule.

The qualification program provides for the participation of the duo in parts of group training, in order to prepare them for a full return to training.

The duo had skipped participation with Al-Ahmar at the end of last season, due to injury, in addition to the rest period that the main players obtained by decision of the board of Al-Ahly led by Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

Afsha has undergone a rehabilitation program in the recent period, after being operated on for “herniated abdominal wall” in a hospital in the city on 6 October.

While Muhammad Sharif has been running a rehabilitation program after suffering a connective muscle injury, the recent bout has seen a significant improvement in the duo’s condition, according to team doctor Ahmed Abu Abla’s statements.

Al-Ahly’s chief medical officer confirmed that Sharif and Afsha’s condition is medically reassuring and that they have received a rest period today, provided they return tomorrow to participate in the training and be fully confident of the their readiness.

Interestingly, Al-Ahly will play three friendlies during the preparation period, starting with the confrontation with Petrojet on September 21, then with Aswan on September 25 and finally facing the Army Vanguard squad on September 29.

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