“Need for Speed: Unruly” will be launched soon and PS5 real game screen will be released in advance | XFastest News

The series of new works of the classic racing game from EA “Need for Speed”.Need for Speed: Indomitablewill be officially launched this Friday. After 3 years, gamers have finally been waiting for a new series of games. In the trailers of the new series, you can see a variety of cool comic-style special effects, which also makes this generation more distinctive than the previous two games.

However, last week on a Twitch channel called gerrykurlsucks (the Twitch channel disappeared), the content of the game “Extreme Speed: Unruly” appeared. According to the remake content on Youtube, the channel played this game through PS5, but what is more surprising is that the actual screen experience is not as good as the official actual playback clips, but it is also possible that the PS5 platform may cause discrepancies in the screen effect.

Interested players can find the remake content themselves on Youtube. Of course, the actual picture is still subject to official announcement. Launched on PC and PC, I hope “Need for Speed: Unruly” finally lives up to the expectations of the players.

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