Near Le Havre, the mayor and residents wind up against a new relay antenna

Cuverville. The village begins a fight against the establishment of an Orange pylon of 30 m close to houses. All the more incomprehensible that here, there is already an antenna, and that the telephone passes perfectly …

Their house exudes large Sunday tables and barbecues in the garden before Covid-19. Here, the neighbors can be counted on the fingers of one hand. It is twenty-six years since Dominique and Véronique Mauger made the choice of this campaign. “For the peace, for the living environment, for that …” indicates the fiftieth birthday, accompanying with one hand the panoramic view beyond the veranda.

For the couple and their neighbors, the bad news came in the form of a handwritten letter from the mayor of Cuverville-en-Caux informing them of a project to install a mobile phone antenna near their home.

Health doubts

The file being public, all hasten to consult it. “This is the photo montage of the 30-meter-high antenna in a field just next to us, says Dominique, holding out a printout of the document provided by Orange. We are not fundamentally against mobile telephony, but we inevitably ask questions about the consequences of such an antenna on our state of health. Not to mention the patrimonial impact which can show a drop of 10 to 30% it seems … ”

“We don’t need it, here 4G is already running! “

By examining the information given by the access provider in the days that follow, the questions add up. “Normally, this type of antenna should respect a distance of at least 100 meters, but it would be 70 meters from the corner of our house, how is that possible? There is already an antenna 800 meters as the crow flies from home, at the foot of the water tower, I read in the texts that there was an obligation to group the antennas, so why not put the new to this place where it does not bother anyone? ” ask the residents.

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This question, Pierre Lemetais intends to ask it to the operator Orange too. The mayor is starting his third term in a town where he intends to maintain rurality: “Cuverville is a site that has been deliberately made almost unbuildable in order to preserve it. This is not to come and disfigure it with pylons almost 40 meters high that the inhabitants of the area do not need. Here, the 4 G already passes! “ insists the chosen one.

“Just a question of profit”

“When we see the constraints that we place on residents to change the color of a shutter … That operators, them, can go over all that because Mr. Macron decided, it exasperates us. ”

Furious, Pierre Lemetais is also, because the Cuvervillais refused to give up a plot: “But the authorization, Orange obtained it from the only owners of a field who do not live in the town. These people will therefore not have the nuisance, but will receive rent! To sabotage the lives of the people who will have this pylon in front of their homes just a question of profit, it’s revolting ”.

Ironically, a few hundred meters away, in the town of Villainville, residents have derailed the establishment of an identical Orange antenna that they may still find in their field of vision … in Cuverville.

Two sites to go further

The health-environment radiofrequency portal, and that of the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority:

“The current antenna will be turned off”

An Orange antenna already exists a few hundred meters from the place planned for the new one.

Solicited by Paris-Normandy to answer the main questions of Cuvervillais, Orange confirms having ” a project to install a new pylon with 3G and 4G antennas in Cuverville-en-Caux to replace a relay antenna which currently transmits in the town and which will be extinguished », Without explaining the reason (s) for the extinction of the existing antenna at the water tower.

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« During each installation project, we first carry out studies to determine the most efficient location so that the future relay antenna offers quality mobile coverage and for the greatest number of people. », Explains the Orange Normandy communication service, which does not specify the contours of the coverage area of ​​the future structure. In other words, who will benefit from the relay antenna?

Regarding residents’ fears about 5G, Orange explains that it “Is starting to be deployed in very dense areas to avoid saturation of the 4G network.” While adding: “We are not here in Cuverville in this case. “

A wolf ?

“This antenna will not serve our citizens but Étretat and the Parisian bobos who want 5G! “ Alain Lemetais does not mince his words. Like the Cuvervillais, he does not admit what he considers to be an injustice and a “Purely mercantile affair”.

Same suspicion among residents, convinced that the issue will evolve over time: “On this 30-meter antenna, Orange says it plans for 2 G, 3G, 4G, but never talks about 5G while modernity is more about developing 5 G … It remains to be seen whether in this vagueness, it there is not a wolf! “ submits one of them.


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