NC laughs again with’Lineage’… First annual sales of 2 trillion won

Annual sales of 2,4162 billion, operating profit of 8248 billion, net income of 5866 billion
‘Lineage’ mobile games drive earnings… 69% of total sales
“Lineage 2M will continue to create a solid level of sales”
“Many of console platform AAA games are being developed”

NCsoft achieved annual sales of 2 trillion won for the first time in history thanks to the performance of’Lineage’ mobile games.

NCsoft announced on the 5th that it recorded annual sales of 2,4162 trillion won, operating profit of 8248 billion won, and net profit of 588.6 billion won in 2020.

Compared to the previous year, sales increased by 42%, operating profit by 72%, and net profit by 63%.

The fourth quarter (October-December) results were KRW 561.3 billion in sales, KRW 1567 billion in operating profit, and KRW 80.3 billion in net profit. Compared to the previous year, sales, operating profit, and net profit rose 5%, 11%, and 49%, respectively. Last year’s sales of NC were driven by mobile games. The annual sales of mobile games reached 1.6784 trillion won, a 72% increase from the previous year. In particular, Lineage M and Lineage 2M generated sales of 8287 billion won and 849.6 billion won, respectively, accounting for 69% of NC’s total sales. In a conference call after the announcement of the results, Jang-wook Lee, head of NC IR, said, “Lineage 2M has improved traffic through a large-scale update of its 1st anniversary, and is expected to continue to generate solid levels of sales.”

The annual sales of PC online games are KRW 177.5 billion for Lineage, KRW 104.5 billion for Lineage 2, KRW 45.6 billion for Aion, KRW 72.2 billion for Blade & Soul, and KRW 61.2 billion for Guild Wars. In particular, Aion’s sales in the fourth quarter increased by 133% compared to the same period last year with the launch of the classic server.

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Annual sales by region are KRW 2.3 trillion in Korea, KRW 94.4 billion in North America and Europe, KRW 54.8 billion in Japan, and KRW 35.9 billion in Taiwan. Royalty sales recorded 218 billion won.

NC reaps most of its total sales from the Korean market. NC plans to target the western world where console games are gaining popularity in order to expand overseas sales.

Director Jang-Wook Lee said, “We are developing a number of triple-A-class games that will appear on the console platform.”

“We expect the demand for network games that induce competition among users on the console platform will increase explosively over the next 8 to 9 years. We are preparing to monetize this. NC will try to expand various genres including MMORPG on the console platform.”

In addition, “there are many areas that can be expanded even at the existing IP level.” “Design focus is on increasing the contact points to all platforms such as mobile, PC, console, and cloud services. There will be games with such characteristics.”

NC plans to release new mobile games’Blade & Soul 2’and’Trickster M’in Korea in the first half of 2021.

Director Jang-Wook Lee said, “When Bulso 2 comes out, we expect the initial sales to be slightly higher. Since then, sales will gradually decrease quarterly and stabilize in the 4th to 5th quarters.”

“Lineage 2M is showing a better trend than Lineage M. We expect Bulso 2 to have a similar sales curve. We designed the game targeting a different customer base, and I think that customer base will gather well. I think there is a large group of trendy users who are in their 20s and 30s, with casual characteristics.”

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Regarding’Trickster M’, “advance reservation does not necessarily guarantee success, but it has already achieved a high number. Considering the composition ratio and age group of pre-bookers, we believe that our customer base can be further expanded. The release schedule will be available soon.”

‘Lineage 2M’ will enter the Taiwan and Japanese markets. NC has been making advance reservations for Lineage 2M in Taiwan and Japan from the 8th of last month.

Director Jang-Wook Lee said, “We have exceeded 1.2 million in Taiwan within a week of advance reservation. Although the current figures have not been officially released yet, they are recording much more than 1.2 million people.” He expected success in the overseas market.

Meanwhile, NC decided on 8550 won per common share as a settlement dividend last year. An increase of 3,330 won compared to the settlement dividend in 2019. NC shareholders receive a total dividend amounting to 176.1930.6 million won on April 23rd.

CEO Taek-jin Kim receives a cash dividend of 22.4694 billion won. As of December 31, last year, his stake was 11.97% (2628,000 shares).


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