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Rumors of the Rockets “Big Beard” Harden deal continued to burn, and even the Blazers were included in the list of teams he was considering joining. When the media asked him about his views on the Harden deal, Blazers guard McCollan replied uncomfortably, “I What should I think? I play the same position as Harden. If we trade him, then who is in this deal?”

It’s no wonder that McCollan was so unceremoniously returning to choke the media. After all, the Blazers went 128 to 126 yesterday (27th). Although Harden scored 44 points, McCollan also responded with 44 points, including the last moment. Winning the three-pointer, the performance was not lost to Harden at all, but the media deliberately asked about trading topics after the game, of course, boring.

However, McCollan is still full of praise for Harden’s performance, “No matter what Harden is doing at other times, he is really too strong in basketball!” Actually, Harden was on the court yesterday. The shape is obviously swollen. It can be seen whether he practiced seriously during the truce, but it did not affect his offensive destructive power.

Judging from the bargaining chips of the two teams’ trading counterparts, Harden’s salary this season is 41.2 million U.S. dollars, while McLaren only has 29.3 million U.S. dollars. If the pioneers really want to exchange Harden for Harden, it may not be enough to send McLaren. You need to add players and draft picks to have a chance. The question is, do the pioneers really want to exchange for Harden’s time bomb?

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