NBA: The Heat’s bombshell to face Nets and Lakers: Kawhi Leonard

Lthe signings of Harden, Griffin and Aldridge for the Nets and the rumor that points to the possible landing of Stephen Curry at the Lakers has provoked the reaction of the rest of the NBA franchises that are looking for movements to prevent the league from becoming an exclusive fight between two teams.

The Miami Heat, current NBA runners-up, are one of the most active teams that seem to fight against the two great powers that are being formed and wants a signing that allows them to fight as equals against Nets and Lakers. And his target has a first and last name.

Is about Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers forward who will be a free agent next summer and who is at the top of Pat Riley ‘s list of priorities. And according to an NBA agent consulted by NBA Analysis Network The interest in seeing Kawhi in Florida is mutual.

“Kawhi is going to hear a lot of calls from other teams. It’s something he’s considering and if he finally does would be interested in joining forces with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo on the Heat “, ensures the information that may be the first stone of the signing by Miami of one of the most sought-after free agents next summer.

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