NBA: The fortune to lose Kyrie Irving if he does not get vaccinated: the NBA and the union encrypt the salary cut for each game he misses

La NBA and the Players Union (NBPA) have agreed a salary reduction of 91.6% of salary that they receive in each game for each game they miss players who decide not to get vaccinated, following the state regulations of states such as New York or California. This measure will take effect in both preseason games and regular league games and the playoffs.

In addition, teams will also not receive a discount on the luxury tax for each game that one of their players misses due to not getting vaccinated.

After knowing that Andrew Wiggins has already received the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, now all eyes are on Kyrie Irving, that he has not yet informed the Nets if he has been vaccinated or not and that he has already missed a training session with the New York team, as well as the first preseason game played against the Lakers.

Nets point guard charges $ 35 million this season and could lose almost half of his earnings (16 million) if he finally does not get vaccinated and misses all the home games of the regular season. Irving charges $ 426,000 for each game, so he will lose approximately $ 380,000 for every match you don’t play.

An amount that does not seem to affect the point guard, who still has not revealed if he has already received the first dose of a vaccine that has caused great controversy among NBA players, including LeBron James who has been strongly criticized by Enes Kanter or Kareem Abdul -Jabbar for not using his influence and asking his fellow professionals to get vaccinated.



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