NBA rumors: The 2 teams that go for the signing of Drummond

Andre Drummond is called to be one of the proper names of 2021 in the market of the NBA. With a temporary contract in Los Angeles Lakers who will refer him to Free Agency in a few months, the American center has sealed his best season, but he remains a more than interesting piece for many contenders to the ring who want to add muscle and points in their paint.

The Lakers’ coaching staff and management have already confirmed on more than one occasion that Andre Drummond is one of the goals of the summer in the Los Angeles franchise. His signing was not made as a monthly patch, if not thinking of being able to extend this situation for several seasons. And that is why from the Staples Center They will go for the pivot’s repechage with a convincing offer, but they will not be the only ones.

Those of Frank Vogel They have come out tough competitors around the NBA Rumors that speak of the possible fate of the player, which are the following.

The teams that want to sign him

– Miami Heat: Planning for the Heat’s next course has already begun, with no major changes planned, but with a number of demands that must be met. And one of them is the center. A companion for Bam Adebayo, a dominator of paint who can score and protect the rim (although this is not exactly his forte).

– Boston Celtics: They already tried to catch it with the buyout of the Cavaliers and could not get it, but they return to the charge. Another team that clearly needs centimeters and talent in their painting, something that Andre Drummond clearly has in excess.

Two more than desirable destinations for any player, although only one can get his own. Who will get the former Detroit Pistons this summer?



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