NBA Rumors: Julius Randle Trade Options

Something has broken in the relationship between the New York Knicks and Julius Randle. What a year ago was considered an unbeatable idyll with a long-term vision, now becomes an uncomfortable relationship for both parties, with neither openly seeking a way out, but knowing that they would be happy to separate their paths, according to NBA rumors. The power forward has been revealed as a player unable to establish himself in the elite of the league and they no longer believe in the Big Apple that he can become that man who will guide the team to glory. You’re looking for the consummate star, an All-Star, and there’s no place in New York for someone who had his chance and didn’t take it. These are the best options for him according to

Brooklyn Nets

If there’s one player even more awkward for his franchise than Randle was for the Knicks, it’s Ben Simmons for the Nets. The desire to get rid of each team of two players could lead to a curious agreement in which Burks entered the rag. The presence of a Simmons defender would dazzle Thibodeau and offer an option for the offensive weight to be carried by another star player they can sign, in exchange for forgoing young talent and draft rounds.

Utah Jazz

In Salt Lake City there is one player left and that is Rudy Gobert. In Utah they are desperate to keep Mitchell and get rid of the center and Randle is considered to be a luxury complement to the talented shooting guard. The arrival of an elite center in New York would substantially improve defensive performance.

Dallas Mavericks

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In Texas they are going to have to make important changes in the squad and they see Dinwiddie as a man to change for an inside player, who continues to be the team’s great hindrance, The arrival of outside talent, with Green or Dinwiddie, as well as a round Draft, could be a good option for a Knicks who would gladly get rid of Randle and improve their financial situation to find another star.

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