NBA Referee Eric Lewis Investigated for Using Anonymous Twitter Account to Support Arbitration Work

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The NBA continues to investigate referee Eric Lewis, who apparently used an anonymous Twitter account to support the arbitration work, and it would be for this reason that he has kept him away from the actions in the finals between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat.

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After some users revealed some deleted tweets, the NBA began to investigate whether said referee figure violated NBA rules, if so, a harsh sanction awaits him and surely a suspension for the remainder of the campaign and possibly part of the other.

What is certain is that Lewis will not whistle in the finals, although he may emerge unscathed from this event, he will not work in the finals, thus ending a streak of 4 consecutive occasions in recent years.

In this controversy is the name of LeBron James, who despite not having suggested or said anything directly to Lewis, made comments on twitter when he asked a question about the referees, to which it seems that Lewis would respond with an account anonymous.

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It is unknown if the NBA has already obtained the complete evidence, but so far the case seems to be very serious regarding the referee, who could be close to a big problem with the American basketball league.

2023-06-04 10:56:54
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