Nba Playoff, Memphis Grizzlies-Golden State Warriors 116-117 in gara-1

Show game after Green’s expulsion: Golden State wins from the final sprint

Golden State’s impressive maturity demonstration. Wins in Memphis race-1 of the second round series of the playoffs 117-116. He does so despite the expulsion of Draymond Green shortly before mid-game, despite questionable and unfavorable refereeing episodes, despite the height gap with his opponents under the basket, Morant’s 34 points and Jackson’s 33, his personal best in the playoffs. But as Curry recalls after the game, the Warriors have the DNA of champions, and survive the storm twice: even down by 13 points in the first half and recovered from +10 in the last quarter to prevail. Thanks to a gigantic triple from Thompson, to 31 points from Poole, to a defensive stop by Steph on Morant. Champions find a way to win, in difficulties. They refuse to lose. Memphis realizes that the Dubs are not Minnesota: the Grizzlies recover just like against the Wolves in the final, yet this time it is not enough.

departure launched

Payton in the quintet for the Dubs, Memphis still without Adams, in the Covid protocol. Tillman in the quintet. Zach Randolph at the game as a fan, would suit Coach Jenkins. Payton’s left-handed dunk, jumping with the springs, is the first jolt of the bench. The Grizzlies rebounded dominantly, with Clarke unleashed under the scoreboards. 32-24 Memphis after 12 ‘: Morant with 14 points and a fall from the attic on his back that hurts just to watch … Looney’s entry helps the Warriors to rebound, Memphis still also +13, but a couple of triples of Poole brought back the Californians with a 10-0 run. But Memphis holds: Jackson flaunts all the offensive repertoire, scoring from below and from outside, Melton brings quick points from the local bench.

draymond hunted

Green commits a hard foul on Clarke with 1’19 ”to play before half-time, making do with the bad guys under the basket. There is a first blow to the face, the voluntariness of which is to be evaluated, then a jerk that tries to retract by holding it on him, immediately after. He is kicked out by the referees for flagrant 2, with a frankly questionable decision. 61-55 in the middle of the match, with the basket on Morant’s siren. Thompson only played 10 minutes due to 3 fouls.

the sprint

Looney and Poole are in lineup for Coach Kerr in the second half. A 9-0 from Golden State crowned by a triple from Curry is worth the guest overtaking. Jackson replies, with 28 points establishing his playoff record already in the third quarter, Poole replies every time. 91-90 Dubs after 36 ‘. Poole accelerates again for the 103-93 guest. But the Grizzlies do not give up, as already demonstrated with the Wolves, recovered again and again in the previous playoff round. Curry is called a questionable fifth foul in attack despite the challenge of Coach Kerr allows the “review”. The overtaking arrives with 2’19 “to play: the usual irresistible Morant on the iron is worth 112-110. Clarke scores from below against the Dubs now miniature version, with 4 guards and Wiggins, the Californians replicate Thompson’s triple winger, then Curry’s stop in defense of Morant arrives. Thompson makes 0/2 from the line and the referees combine another: tap-off because they don’t know who to assign possession to. Memphis wins the contest and has 3 ”for the last possession, but Morant is unable to support with his left hand on the siren. Golden State withstands the storm and wins. As a great team. From a title team.

the word

Curry: “We have remained composed, we have already been there, we know that the games last 48 ‘, Thompson scored a great shot at the end, then there were a couple of defensive stops, we have the DNA of the champions. Poole with another great evening accomplished? He is a basketball player (of level)… ”.

Memphis: Morant 34 (10/20, 4/11, 2/3 t.l.), Jackson 33, Melton 14. Rimbalzi: Jackson 10. Assist: Morant 10.
Golden State: Poole 31 (7/10, 5/10, 2/2 t.l.), Curry 24, Wiggins 17. Rimbalzi: Wiggins 8, Porter 8. Assist: Poole 9.

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