NBA: Michael Jordan, unlike LeBron James, flies the vaccine flag: “I do believe in science.”

TAll the NBA expected LeBron James stance with respect to coronavirus vaccines, the hot topic in the NBA. Players and fans alike expected the Lakers forward to speak out against those who have chosen not to get their fix. Nevertheless, ‘King’ James’s response did not satisfy everyone.

The opposite has happened with Michael Jordan, Bulls myth and current Hornets owner, who has decided to speak out publicly in favor of vaccines, as he acknowledged in a small intervention on an NBC program.

“I don’t care about protocols at all. In fact I’m totally in unison with the NBA. I think everyone, you know, has been talking about vaccines. I firmly believe in science and that is what I am going to hold onto. Hopefully I hope everyone will abide by the rules that the league dictates. Once everyone complies, we will all be fine“, said the considered best player of all time.

The message of an icon like Jordan comes at a very delicate moment in the United States because a large part of the population does not want to receive immunization despite the fact that the doses were approved for emergency use. A problem that has also reached the NBA with players like Kyrie Irving, who still doesn’t want to get vaccinated.

Jordan, who has made his position clear among vaccine deniers and advocates, has not only spoken in favor of science and medicine with words. Last February he donated 10 million dollars in order to open a couple of Family Clinics in North Carolina. Two centers that have already administered thousands of vaccines against the coronavirus.

Actions make things happen faster than words. I can say many different things, but my actions are what I want to make a difference“Jordan commented on donations in a clear stance on one of the most difficult issues for the NBA.



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