NBA Market: Boston Celtics plans to improve in 2022

Despite the many rumores NBA that there has been about the suitability or not of the Tatum-Brown duo continuing, it seems that the Boston Celtics have it clear; They have to continue betting on these two young people full of talent and potential who are condemned to understand each other. But nevertheless, Brad Stevens works piece by piece from management to find a way in which NBA market that things work much better than they are doing, since the squad has the capacity to do much better than it has shown so far this campaign. Confined to a pyrrhic fight for play-in, those from Massachusetts have several ideas to give a twist to their season and opt for something important in the short term, as indicated Hoopshype.

The main desire is to get rid of Dennis Schroeder, once they have verified that the German point guard is not what they expected. They managed to sign him for very little money, trusting that he would give good performance, but his need to amass a lot of ball and lack of harmony with the stars has become clear. It will be very difficult for them to renew him at the end of the course, so they are looking for an exit before February 10, which could allow them to opt for an important signing. Another player who is perceived as a bargaining chip is Aaron Nesmith; the young shooting forward has not developed as expected and patience seems to have run out on him.

Jalen Smith is the player the Boston Celtics are most interested in

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In return, two names emerge as players who arouse great interest in Boston Celtics and those who will try to recruit in the coming days. One of them is the veteran Jeff Green, a man who can act as cement in the locker room, provide good defense in the midpost and help in attack. the other is Jalen Smith, the young pearl of the Phoenix Suns inside game, whose non-renewal with the Arizonans has aroused enormous interest in the Celtics, eager to put together a very young and talented low post, like him and Williams. It will not be easy for them to achieve results in the short term, but for work and ideas it will not be.


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