NBA: Gregg Popovich Charges Texas Governor Over Face Masks: “He’s Ignorant”

MWhile the majority of the population in the state of Texas saw positive the decision of Republican Governor Greg Abbott to lift the mandatory mandate to wear masks and to fully open all commercial activity, the Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich, again showed his opposition.

In his line of giving his vision to the current conflictive political issues, Popovich, before the team played the game against the New York Knicks, who won 119-93, harshly criticized the decision taken by Abbott, before what that he considered “irresponsible” in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

You’re basically saying, ‘if you get infected, you die, that’s how it works. We have to open up ‘

Gregg Popovich

To date, more than 44,000 Texans have died of Covid-19 and 8,140 new cases were diagnosed on Monday.

“The decision to lift the Texas mask mandate is puzzling and ignorant,” he noted. Popovich. “You’re basically saying, ‘If you get infected, you die, that’s how it works. We have to open up.’ This is really ridiculous.”

Popovich already advanced that he will not take into account the decision of the Texas governor at all and follow all the protocols that the team and the NBA have established.

“When it comes to the players, we listen to the NBA, not the governor.”, declar Popovich on how the president of Texas removed the mandate of the mask.

In addition, Popovich also argued that the negative effects left by the winter storm that affected the entire state of Texas two weeks ago did not help to understand Abbott’s decision either.

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“All of the above shows that it is quite disconcerting” that the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, lifts the mandates of the mask while the pandemic still continues, “denounced Popovich. “It is to put more chaos to what may already exist.”

It is also worth noting that this is not the first time that the legendary Spurs head coach has criticized Governor Abbott and other political leaders at the state level in Texas and also at the national level.

“We have a lieutenant governor who decided that he no longer wants to listen to Fauci and those people.”Popovich recalled earlier over the summer, via Yahoo! Sports. “That makes perfect sense. How safe can that be? The message is ridiculous.”

Hence, immediately, through social networks the criticisms of Popovich were generalized and in them, they asked the Spurs coach to first criticize the NBA for returning to the competition, create a bubble of 190 million dollars (157 million euros) and even reschedule an All-Star Game that they had canceled.

In addition, they do not give rest to the players and advance the competition to the month of December when the programming began was to do it from the month of January.

Even many people, through social networks, ask that the same person who earns more than 10 million dollars a year (8.2 million euros), stop training, stay at home and give up his salary.

While the Spurs themselves have already reported that starting next week they will allow fans in the stands of their field at the AT&T Center.

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