NBA: Back with James Harden’s physique: the image of controversy … again

La back to work of the NBA stars and his fitness is a recurring theme in the franchise preseason. It is common to see players who arrive at training camps without being at their best and even that they leave images that become viral for suggesting a bad physical state.

A James Harden It already happened to him last season when he appeared in the preseason of the Rockets overweight, leaving an image that raised a great controversy about the work and sacrifice of the Californian player. A snapshot that seemed to have been left behind as soon as it arrived in Brooklyn, but has once again jumped to the center of the controversy.

A new photo of the shooting guard’s first preseason game It was not long before he became the focus of discussion on the Internet. In the image you can see ‘La Barba’ on the field, waiting for the rebound in a free kick, with a figure that was not what was expected.

The theme of Harden and the kilos is a recurring discussion in the career of the shooting guard, who has never been characterized by a privileged physique and care for basketball, although it is because of his talent as he demonstrated in his first preseason game.



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