NBA 5 Questions About the Boston Celtics: The Season From Hell

The Boston Celtics have silently bid farewell to the first round and have now drawn personal conclusions. We answer the most important questions about the situation.

Why was the season so disappointing?

After three participations in the Conference Finals in the past four years, the Celtics started the season ambitiously despite the loss of Gordon Hayward, but it became clear early on that it would not be enough for such a deep ride or even more. There were too many failures due to injuries and Corona, the squad was too thin – and that dragged on to the playoffs.

A deep analysis of this series against Brooklyn is hardly worthwhile, since it was not a duel on equal terms from the start: Boston’s second best player Jaylen Brown was missing completely, Kemba Walker (officially) missed two games and was non-existent at his three starts (12.7 Points, 31.7 percent out of the field, 17.6 percent threesome!). With Robert Williams, the player who should have matured to the starting center also missed twice.

It somehow suited this season that Jayson Tatum was left on his own again in the end (30.8 points in the series). That Boston won a game at all was due to one of the best scoring performances ever in the Celtics playoff history, when he scored 50 points in game 3 and because Marcus Smart also made his best game in the series.

Even here Brooklyn was 19: 4 in the front and could have won the game if they had been a little more consistent in the matter. In terms of talent level, there were simply worlds between a legitimate Contender and a Celtics rump troupe that rarely found their rhythm over the entire season.