NBA 2019-2020 review – Atlanta Hawks, the hawks crash again

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If the NBA will resume its rights on July 30, only twenty-two of the thirty teams that make up the League will replay games in Orlando. Thus, for eight franchises, the season is already over, and it is time to take stock. Today is back to the season for the Atlanta Hawks, a franchise that has had a lot of problems on the field and in the locker room.

Still too early to fly

A successful draft and a lively summer

To sum up the Hawks’ summer, the word “lively” fits well. It starts in the draft where Atlanta gets the 4th and 10th pick. With the first, recovered from the Pelicans and himself recovered from the Lakers, they chose DeAndre’Hunter, and with the second they selected Cam Reddish. DeAndre’Hunter was coming out of a busy NCAA season with the Virginia Cavaliers where he won the college title, while Cam Reddish came in as a youngster begging to grow. In the second round of the draft, the Falcons also secured the services of Bruno Fernando, chosen in 34th position.

The Free Agency will perpetuate this idea of ​​animation. In the main roster, only Trae Young, John Collins and Kevin Huerter remained at home. The others went to new horizons in exchange for some new players. Global summary of the Free Agency below.

Departures Prolongation Arrivals
Omari Spellman vers Warriors Vince Carter Jabari Parker from the Wizards
Taurean Prince vers Nets Allen Crabbe from the Nets
Alex Poythress vers Galatasaray Chandler Parsons traded for Miles Plumlee and Solomon Hill with the Grizzlies
Isaac Humphries vers Lakeland Magic Evan Turner traded for Kent Bazemore with the Blazers
Justin Anderson vers Raptors 905 Damian Jones traded for Omari Spellman with Warriors
Dewayne Dedmon vers Kings
Miles Plumlee vers Memphis
Solomon Hill vers Memphis
Jaylen Adams vers Erie BayHawks
Kent Bazemore to Portland

Veteran Vince Carter also extended an additional year, a boon for this extremely young squad.

Too docile hawks

This whole season was very similar to the previous one: an identical attacking duo accompanied by an inexperienced group too weak to try to grab an 8th place in the East, victories too rare compared to the individual talents of some players and above all a defense worthy of the finest colanders found in the trade. 28th defensive rating in the league, the Hawks have made several games without defensive will:

  • Two games with more than 150 points conceded without overtime against the Clippers and the Rockets.
  • Two 140+ points games for the opponent against the Thunder and the Knicks.
  • Nine games with more than 130 points conceded.

Sometimes, the points collected can be forgotten because the victory is present, as against the Wizards (152/133) or against the Knicks (140/135). However, this was not the case for the vast majority of the season.

Another black point of the Falcons, the 3-point shots: they have the worst percentage in the league in this area, with only 33.3% of successful shots. An essential point in modern basketball, the team must have a better 3-point winning percentage if they are to have the ambition to play the playoffs.

Last negative point, the suspension of John Collins. From the start of the season (November 5), Llyod Pierce’s men found themselves deprived of one of their best assets. As a reminder, John Collins tested positive in an anti-doping test for consumption of growth hormone.

Trae Young the ray of light

Thankfully, Trae Young was there to make viewers want to come see his team play. His game is crystal clear, spectacular, easy. He sets the halls on fire and his stats are just phenomenal for a player his age (see below). He is the barometer of his franchise at only 21 years old. Nonetheless, it becomes a weakness as Atlanta is too dependent on Trae Young and has no plan B, C or D: if the player is not having a good day, then the team is sure to lose.

With this premature end of the season, the Hawks end the season with a record of 20 wins for 47 losses. The end of the season promised to be more lenient for our little falcons, but a pandemic decided otherwise.

Clint Capela the savior?

In February, the day before the Trade Deadline, a maxi trade took place. For Atlanta, it was about getting Clint Capela back from Houston. An experienced player, still in the prime of his life and who perfectly complements the Trae Young / John Collins duo. He will be able to help this very (too?) Young group to develop and capitalize on victories. The Swiss have not yet walked a floor with the jersey of his new franchise, but the Hawks can count on this quality reinforcement next year.

The trophies of the Rédac:

The MVP: Trae Young the King of the Falcons

How to miss Trae Young this year? For his second year in the NBA, the young point guard has confirmed that he can carry his team. Culminating in exceptional stats (29.6 pts, 4.3 rbd, 9.3 assists), Trae Young represents hope in Atlanta. Positioned at the center of his team, a victory for the Hawks is essentially based on the performance of the American. The consecration for him came in February 2020 when he became All-Star. However, this selection in the all-star game divided analysts. Everyone recognized his individual talent, but that too rarely translated into victory. Despite a few minor ankle injuries, Young played 60 of 67 games averaging 35.3 minutes per game.

The sausage: irresponsible John Collins

The +/-

+: Trae Young’s game

– Defense

What about next season?

The editorial’s opinion

As mentioned throughout the article, the two things to strengthen for next season and the future of the Hawks are defense and the bench. For any team it is not possible to have a defense so fragile and so easily penetrated. This progression will undoubtedly go through training, a gain in maturity of certain players and recruitment. Second point to settle, the entourage of Trae Young. Although he is one of the most talented youngsters in the league, he cannot do all the work alone, so he will have to find teammates on which he can bet. John Collins and Clint Capela are already a good part of the answer, but it will be necessary to find a depth of bench so that the holders can rest without the ground turning into open doors for the opposing attack.

A very sad season for the Hawks who can not take off from the depths of the Eastern Conference. Trae Young’s individual talent is drowned out by the flaws and inexperience of his teammates and solutions will have to be found. The arrival of Clint Capela can and should move this group forward with enormous potential just waiting to be tapped.

To follow: The Detroit Pistons record

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