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Navigating Post-Relationship Coexistence: The Emotions, Confessions, and Hopes of Perla and Mirko

Living in close contact with a person with whom you have had a relationship is very difficult, especially if there are suspended feelings, unspoken words, sensations that have been put aside. There is a festive air in the house, there is an aperitif that animates the contestants, yet Perla and Mirko are unable to get involved in the euphoria and joy. One looks at the other and on the sidelines they go back to the past, to when their story ended and the mistakes they made come back to the surface.

In recent days, first one and then the other, on several occasions they have sought a discussion, they have said important things to each other, they have thought about what they did wrong. This evening, however, there is something different, there is the need to release thoughts from the prison of the mind and be honest. In the Garden, isolated from everything else, Perla confesses to Mirko that she was very ill in the last period of their relationship. Living together, which should have united them, was starting to weigh on them. More than anything, however, what weighed on her was her uncertainty about her present: “Imagine a person who feels like nothingness and thinks of giving you nothingness. That’s how I felt.” With this admission, the contestant bursts into tears. The entrepreneur wipes her face and she states: “I am aware of what I feel, what I felt”.

“If you say I try, nothing will happen” the boy tries to joke. Then it’s time for seriousness: “There’s a word that still rings in my head, you told me I was apathetic.” Mirko explains that he too experienced negative moments, every day of hers was marked by the obligation of having to leave the house and work, in the meantime he thought about her, about ways to help her, to make sure that she too fulfilled herself.

“I left the house, I had to smile, but inside I felt bad” he says, while she: “Every time we argued, I asked you to leave me”. There were many errors, including omissions. They both hid what they felt and the entrepreneur says he regretted the many wrong words he said. He too bursts into tears, regretting having hurt the woman he loved, regretting not having been able to help her. They both recriminate each other’s mistakes and they both understand each other.

Until, then, they hug each other, join in known arms. The truth, expressed in a shared way, is that they experienced a love without realizing that there was a need for lightness and the responsibilities of life had the upper hand. In that embrace they find comfort, but then they let go.

There are still many things to talk about, others to resolve. How will this coexistence continue? Will they be able to resist?

2023-11-22 22:16:19
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