Navalny’s doctor and supporters arrested outside penal camp

Medics from an independent organization who were outside the prison have also been arrested. They demanded information on Navalny’s condition, who has gone on a hunger strike in protest for not receiving proper care. According to a lawyer for the activist, he has already lost five kilos since refusing to eat from March 31.

The human rights organization Amnesty International called on President Vladimir Putin not to let his prominent opponent die.

High temperature and cough

A Russian newspaper previously reported that Navalny had been transferred to the infirmary of the penal camp. He had a high temperature of 38.1 degrees, an annoying cough and is said to have also been tested for the corona virus. The 44-year-old prisoner, who was poisoned last year, had previously complained of severe pain in his back and numb legs.

A protester at the prison said she had come to show solidarity. “I believe he is innocent, I am completely on his side,” she said. “For some reason, the people who can really make a difference for this country end up in prison.”

Security at the penal colony east of Moscow has since been stepped up. A checkpoint has been placed in front of the gate of the complex in Pokrov. The police are also blocking the road with a metal barricade and the parking lot may only be used by prison staff.

Navalny has been a hindrance to Russian President Putin for years. In the video below, we explain who exactly the Russian opposition leader is and why Putin is afraid of him.

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