Navalny was released from the hospital after poisoning. He went to Putin on social networks

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was released from a Berlin hospital on Tuesday. With reference to the doctors of the Charité clinic, the DPA agency informed about it.

According to doctors, it is possible that Navalnyj will recover completely after poisoning with a paralytic substance from the group of novices. Whether it will have any lasting consequences, but according to them it is not possible to say yet.

A critic of the Kremlin collapsed on August 20 in a plane returning from Siberia to Moscow. Unconscious, he was first treated in Omsk. After international pressure and urging from his family, he was unconsciously transported to Berlin.

According to doctors, the health condition of 44-year-old Navalný has “improved so much in recent days that it was possible to terminate acute medical care.” “Given the patient’s progress and his current condition, the attending physicians believe that it is possible that he will recover completely. However, it is too early to assess the possible long-term consequences of his serious poisoning,” Charité added.

The hospital did not say where the Russian opposition is now. She merely stated that she had published information on his release and state of health in agreement with him and his wife.

“Provocation failed”

Navalny also criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin on his Instagram after his release from the hospital. He responded to the news that Putin had told his French counterpart that the opposition could drink the poison himself.

“To die in the Omsk hospital and be placed in the Omsk morgue, where they would say ‘lived long enough’ as ​​the cause of death. That was the real goal of my clever plan. But Putin transferred me. You just can’t fool him so easily,” Navalnyj wrote ironically. .

“And in the end, you fool, I lay down in a coma for 18 days and didn’t achieve anything. The provocation failed!” he added.

Russia is now facing strong pressure from abroad for the authorities to investigate Navalny’s case and bring the perpetrators to justice. But Moscow still denies that Navalny was poisoned in Russia. He refers to information from doctors in Omsk, who claim that their laboratory tests did not show any poisoning or the presence of toxic substances.

At the beginning of September, the German government stated that a nerve-paralytic substance from the group of newcomers was undoubtedly used to poison Navalný. In addition to the German laboratory, the results were also confirmed by specialist workplaces in France and Sweden.


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