Navalny asks Moscow for his confiscated clothes to investigate the poisoning. Russia withholds important evidence, says World

Moskva Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny asks Moscow to give off the clothes he was wearing when he fell into a coma last month. Russia has accused of withholding evidence important to investigate poisoning, Reuters reports today.


Russia has not yet launched a formal criminal investigation into the case, says it needs to examine more evidence beforehand, and called on Germany, where Navalnyj is being treated, to pass data from the politician’s medical records to the Russian authorities for review. According to the TASS agency, the Russian police interrogated 200 people in a preliminary investigation of the case.

The opposition leader crashed on a plane on August 20, returning from Siberia to Moscow. Unconscious, he was first treated in Omsk. After international pressure and urging from his family, he was transported to the Charité Clinic in Berlin. There, tests in Navalny’s body showed traces of poisoning. Later, after analyzes in an army laboratory, the German government announced that the politician had been poisoned by a nerve agent from a group of newcomers being developed by the former Soviet Union. This was later confirmed by French and Swedish laboratories.

“Before they allowed me to be transported to Germany, they took off all my clothes and sent me there completely naked,” Navalnyj wrote on his website. “Since a novelty has been found on my body and poisoning can be caused by external contact with the fabric, my clothes are very important evidence,” he explained. “I ask that my clothes be returned to me carefully wrapped in a plastic bag,” he concluded.

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TASS reported today that, according to the Russian judicial authorities, no traces of toxic or other dangerous substances were found on the personal affairs of the opposition politician. According to TASS, the Ministry of Health of the Omsk Region stated that Navalny’s clothing had been confiscated by the investigating authorities and has no information about his future.

Navalný’s health continues to improve. In a new post on Instagram, he shared a photo of him sitting on the balcony with his wife Julia. He said of his fitness over the weekend: “I’ll tell you how my recovery is going. It is already clear that I am on the path to healing, even though the path is still long. For all my current problems, he says that the phone in my hands is useless, it’s like a rock, and when I have to pour water, it’s an attraction, and yet it’s a complete trifle. “

According to Reuters, the head of the Naval Anti-Corruption Fund, Ivan Zhdanov, announced that the Russian traffic police had also summoned opposition politician Kira Jarmysova and several other members of his team as part of a preliminary investigation.


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