Naval news collects 2 young men, mercenaries carrying 3.5 million methamphetamine pills

Mr. Nukul Kitkotyotha, 26, and Mr. Rittichai Photowong, age 26, were held by the Navy Corps to maintain order along the Mekong River or the Royal Thai Navy at Sangkhom Station. Catches with 3,584,000 tablets of methamphetamine and 2 motorcycles.

Earlier, the student of the Society was informed by the news line that There will be smuggling of drugs to be left along the Mekong. The deserted Tha Sai area, next to the Sangkhom Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Sangkhom District, Nong Khai Province So the ambush was placed until 8:30 pm yesterday (March 2) found a long-tailed boat drove across the Mekong from the Lao PDR side, then three men helped transport suspicious sacks to the bank. Then hurried back to board the boat to cross to Lao PDR

Later, four men ride 2 motorcycles to the bank and help each other carry 18 suspicious sacks on the side of the road, so they arrested them, but the two men ran away. Mr. Nukulkit and Mr. Rittichai were arrested. Check inside the sack of the middle of the methamphetamine.

Investigated, both of them confessed that someone had hired to bring methamphetamine from the bank of the Mekong to put it on the roadside. Then there will be another car to pick up Received a wage of 100,000 baht, the soldiers detained and sent the police officers investigating the Social Security Office, prosecuting them for jointly possessing type 1 narcotics (methamphetamine) in possession for distribution.

Major General Boonsin Phatklang, commander of the Surasak Montri Force, said that more than 6,000,000 methamphetamine was captured in the Nong Khai area this week, ice and ketamine. Especially the capture of amphetamines this time. This is an extension of the capture of 1 ton of ice in February. And the police are preparing to expand the results of arrest warrants for the other 5 people

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