Natural ways to cure dizziness at home

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Dizziness is a feeling of lightheadedness that occurs without any accompanying movement, and is caused by your senses telling your mind that your body is out of balance, even if it isn’t, and dizziness is a symptom of a condition. underlying health, not a disease per se, as it can manifest as a result of various health problems.

1- Epley maneuver

Also known as the repositioning maneuver, it is the first strategy for many people suffering from vertigo. Research indicates that the Epley maneuver is very effective for people with dizziness caused by deposits in the inner ear. You can perform the maneuver at home by following this simple procedure:
Start by sitting on a flat surface and place a pillow behind you, with your legs extended.
Rotate your head 45 degrees to the right.
Quickly lie down with your head resting on the pillow and stay in this form for at least 30 seconds.
Slowly turn your head to the left, 90 degrees, without lifting your neck.
Move your whole body to the left, so that you are completely on the left side.
Slowly return to your original shape, look forward and sit up straight.

You can repeat the maneuver three times in a row and you may feel dizzy during each movement.

2- Yoga

Yoga and tai chi are known to reduce stress by increasing flexibility and balance, outpatient physical therapy trains the brain to compensate for the cause of dizziness, and exercises you do at home can mimic this effect.
Try simple yoga exercises, such as baby exercise, when you feel dizzy, but watch out for anything that involves a sudden lean forward; Because this may temporarily strengthen your symptoms.

3- water

Dizziness is sometimes caused by simple dehydration, and perhaps the best way to stay hydrated is to simply drink plenty of water. Check your water intake and try to be aware of hot, humid conditions and sweating that may cause you to lose more fluids.
And plan to drink more water at times when you tend to be dehydrated, as you may find that simply increasing the amount of water you drink helps reduce dizziness episodes.

4- Vitamin D

If you think your dizziness is related to something you don’t get in your diet, you may be right, as one study suggests that a vitamin D deficiency can worsen symptoms in people with vertigo, the most common cause of dizziness;
A glass of fortified milk or orange juice, canned tuna and even egg yolks can give you a vitamin D boost. Ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. To find out any deficiencies, take a dietary supplement to make up for the shortage.

5- Turmeric

The roots of the turmeric plant can be used to treat dizziness, and it is known to have various medicinal uses. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric is used in traditional medicine to manage various conditions. You can also apply turmeric paste. locally in the forehead to reduce the symptoms of dizziness.

6- Saffron

Saffron is known to be a brain tonic and has brain protective properties. It improves the strength of the body and prevents the excessive accumulation of substances that cause ear problems. Therefore, you can add saffron to your food or make and drink saffron tea, to get rid of dizziness.

7- latency

Cumin and black cumin have beneficial effects in dealing with dizziness, and you can add some cumin to your daily diet. You can also boil some cumin in water, then drink this solution to get rid of dizziness.

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