Natural disasters on Earth can no longer be stopped – scientists

Greenhouse gas emissions are heating the planet

The extreme weather conditions seen around the world are the result of rapid global warming.

Natural disasters occurring in the world are the result of global climate change, which can hardly be stopped, the agency said. Bloomberg.

It is noted that recently, information about natural disasters has begun to appear in the media more and more often: floods in Western Europe and China, heat waves in the USA and Canada, forest fires in Siberia, as well as temperature records in Turkey and North Africa.

As the German meteorologist Johannes Kvaas emphasized, on a global scale, the climate does not immediately respond to changes: the warming and associated weather phenomena observed today are a reaction to emissions that entered the atmosphere several decades ago.

According to him, the planet has already warmed up by 1.2 degrees compared to the pre-industrial period.

At the same time, even if humanity fulfills its emission reduction goals, warming still cannot be avoided: by the end of the century, the temperature on the planet will be 1.5-2 degrees higher than in pre-industrial times.

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