Natti Natasha: “I feel comfortable with myself”


Natti Natasha is one of the greatest representatives of urban music in Spanish, with her talent and human quality she has managed to make history by becoming one of the most influential women in Spanish-speaking music.

Her talent for singing, her fight to make way for new generations of women in the music industry and the purpose behind the lyrics of each of the songs she composes and which quickly become great hits, have made her Natti Natasha an integral artist who has marked a before and after in the urban music industry.

In this article you will find the first minutes of an exclusive interview with this talented Dominican star who fills all Latinos with pride for each of the achievements she has achieved throughout her outstanding artistic career.

During the exclusive conversation that took place through Zoom, Natti Natasha, with emotion and great pride, told us about the creative process of the music video for “Qué mal te fue”, a video that the artist recorded in the privacy of her home and where He had the opportunity to express himself freely in terms of audiovisual creativity, since in this musical project we can see a Natti Natasha from her most personal facet amidst the confinement that COVID-19 lives in her residence in Florida.

“It was a totally different experience, new to me. I was recording as a selfie to upload a preview for social networks and I remember that I recorded a part of the song. I was with the glasses, I was topless next to the pool and I was just recording that bit, I shared it on social networks and I think in a day or two it was like five million views and I saw the reaction of the public that way And so I said, this is the way to do it, ”said Natti Natasha in the first fragment of the interview to refer to how the home video he made for his most recent musical single“ Qué mal te fue ”came about.


Natti Natasha talks about the creative process behind the “How Wrong You Were” home video

“In the end we are all in quarantine, we are all going through the same situation, why not do it like this? If people liked it this way, so we finished recording the song, we finished recording the video in this way a little much more personal and I remember that we also decided to enter some different scenes, already getting into the water, in the edition We obviously put a little bit of censorship on this area (her breasts). I feel comfortable with myself and when I saw him I felt good, I feel comfortable sharing this facet of Natti Natasha with people and I remember that we said: ‘Let’s launch it like this.’ The edition was a little bit different, steps that I take also go with the music, ”he said.

What does the singer think of the final result of the video of How bad it was?

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Recalling everything that immersing herself in one facet completely meant for her, such as being behind the creative process of this home video, Natti Natasha mentioned that she is very satisfied with the final result: “I loved the home concept because I felt that also, People can see a different facet of Natti Natasha in quarantine just like them because we are all in the same situation, so I really liked being able to do it like that. ”

The music video for “Qué Mal Te Fue”, which premiered on May 31, currently has more than 7 million views on the official Natti Natasha channel on the YouTube platform.

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