“Natiruts became a world music band, with a core in reggae”, says Alexandre Carlo

Natiruts in Lima.

natiruts He is on an international tour that this Thursday, May 26, will bring him back to Peru. The Brazilian reggae band will perform at the Plaza Arena of the Jockey Club of Peru in what promises to be a review of their classic songs such as “Quiero Ser Feliz Também”, “Andei Só”, “Sorri, Sou Rei”, “Me Namora ”, without neglecting the themes of their most recent albums, such as “Good Vibration – Vol. 1″.

In this production, the group celebrated its 25-year career collaborating with Ziggy Marley, Pedro Capó, Carlinhos Brown, Yalitza Aparicio, among others.

Shortly after I land for the concert in Lima, Infobae talked to Alexandre Carlo. Like the band, the vocalist and guitarist exudes good vibes and musicality.

What memories do you have of the last time in Lima?

The first time Lima was incredible for us. And this second time we have great expectations of the reunion with the people of Lima. It is a very important city and country, with an ancient culture known throughout the world. We are glad to have people there who are interested in our songs. It is somewhat difficult for a Brazilian artist who sings in Portuguese. It makes us very happy.

But surely through social networks you have already been able to measure the success they have in other countries…

It still surprises me, because the algorithm of social networks works with people who are close. Facebook and Instagram show us the followers of Brazil. Comments from other sites sometimes arrive. But it surprises me because we sing in Portuguese. It is a privilege for us to have this opportunity. We make a type of music that transcends the borders of Brazil. I think it’s because of the melodies. It is something that happened with bossa nova with Tom Jobim, with João Gilberto, who are icons of Brazilian music and who made songs that transcended the borders of Brazil and they reached all over the world.

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In the Good Vibration album they have managed to have collaborations with prominent and at the same time dissimilar musicians. How do you assimilate these works with other artists?

Personally, as a musician I think that collaborations lead the group to unknown paths, because each artist has his musical path, his intention, his vision of music and art. In a collaboration paths meet. And many unknown things stick together. ANDSo there is learning in that sense. And also for the spread of the group. We certainly live in the period of social networks, and when we have a collaboration, Natiruts fans know Capó fans and vice versa, the same with Carlinhos Brown. It’s good, it’s one more step forward.

Natiruts talks about their next concert in Lima. VIDEO: Infobae

A band like you with more than 15 albums, how do you create the ideal setlist for your concerts?

We mix the songs that are classic with those of the new album so that people know the new songs. Of course the classics have a different vibe and energy and are the high point of any concert, but we like to play new songs. If we just play the old songs for ourselves the band doesn’t move forward. It stays in the past and that’s not good.

They started out as a reggae band, but there has been a clear evolution. How do you describe yourself as a band?

Natiruts is a band that started reggae-reggae, like Marley-reggae. Then it was changing with other types of music and also the lyrics were changing. We speak both of romantic love and the most universal love, the love of animals, nature and other human beings. We talk about collective consciousness, social consciousness, the environment, and the importance of preservation. Today, Natiruts became a world music band with the core still in reggae.

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What awaits Peruvians this Thursday at the Natiruts concert?

The main characteristic of the Natiruts concerts is an atmosphere of good vibes. In all the concerts, in all the places in the world, where they speak English for example, people feel the vibrations of the melodies, the instruments, the voices. That is what you can expect in Lima.


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