Nationalists protested against “LGBT aggression”. They stole the rainbow flag from the counter-demonstrators and burned the other one

Nationalists gathered in the afternoon. During the demonstration, Kaja Godek announced that a law “prohibiting equality marches” would be submitted to the Sejm. This idea was also shared by the MP on Twitter Krzysztof Bosak.

Demonstration of nationalists in Warsaw. They burned the rainbow flag

Left-wing and community-based circles protested against homophobic slogans LGBT. They had passwords, among others “I’m LGBT” and “Give us back Margot” and “Stop bullshit!”

The events were protected by many policemen. Metropolitan Police reported that around 2:30 pm “a group of people contaminated the road over a distance of 60 meters, scattering the n / n powder”. It was supposed to pose a threat to “vehicle traffic”. “Gazeta Wyborcza“states that this powder is a rainbow drawn on the pavement.

In its report, “GW” informed that shortly after the start of the demonstration, the nationalists set fire to the rainbow flag, calling it a “rag”. Moreover, they raised the slogans “Hiva Hunters! Antifa!” and “Who does not jump, this deviant, hop, hop, hop!”. One of the participants of the counter-demonstration informs that someone from national circles stole the flag from counter-demonstrators.

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