Nationale 1: led at half-time, Montluçon managed to win at Bourg-de-Péage

Given their good start to the season, we could qualify as a top match this meeting between Bourg-de-Péage at Blanzat-Montluçon, this Saturday October 17, in Nationale 1. Unbeaten so far, the two teams engaged in a fierce duel in the Drôme, finally won by the BSM (24-28), on the occasion of the third day of the championship, the first for a month.

First half

The debates, initiated without the slightest round of observation, were launched at a very high pace. To the successes in the montluçonnaise shootings – true trademark of the club – of Ulrichsen, Ekobo (very visible) and Okomba answered the attacks placed by the Péageoises Modenel, Delaume and Tichon, often concluded victoriously. The two teams surrendered blow for blow.

After two failures against the BSM goalkeeper, Coulibaly, Tichon then Mehmetaj gave a slight advantage to locals (9-7, 25th). The game was hardening. We noted a nice reaction from Montluçonnaise punctuated by an equalization of 10 everywhere. Bouquet, however, gave the mermaid a small lead to the locals (12-11, 30e).

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Second half-time

While we expected an equally balanced second period, we saw that the Auvergne resumed the match with more conviction. In eight minutes they inflicted a +3 full of authority, especially by Ngoulou who twice asserted his power (14-16, 35e).

The drôme blunders combined with a form of precipitation would imperceptibly prepare the victory of the visitors, calmer in their placed attacks and committing far fewer faults. Despite the start of a brief toll return (22-24, 53e), Coulibaly remained impeccable in his cage and his successful attackers killed all forms of suspense.


With this new success, Blanzat-Montluçon remains undefeated this season in his Pool 8 of Nationale 1 (2 wins, 1 draw) and climbs up the standings (2nd out of 6, 8 pts). Conversely, Bourg-de-Péage cash here his first setback (2 wins, 1 loss) and back one place (3rd, 7 pts). Next match for the Bourbonnaises: the reception of La Motte Servolex, Saturday 24 October at 8 p.m.

Source :

– The sheet. Blanzat-Montluçon wins in Bourg-de-Péage 24-28 (half time: 12-11). Referees: Digonnet and Cahusac.

– Bourg-de-Péage. Goalkeepers: Plante (16 saves), Soler. Field: Archier, Biscuit (2/2), Bouquet (3/3), Delaume (1/3), Delaye (1/3), Fontaine (1/1), Le Calvé, Mehmetaj (3/4), Modenel (2/6), Nabil, Vernay (8/10), Tichon (3/6). Trainer: H. Sagot.

– Blanzat-Montluçon. Gardiennes: Coulibaly (8 arrêts), Horvat (1). Champ: Brice (1/3), Djonguelé-Ekobo (7/9), Fiafialoto, Issifou (1/1), Kobo (1/1), Ngavouka (8/10), Ngoulou (1/2), Okabande Ikobo (1/3), Okomba (2/7), Tief (0/2), Ulrichsen (4/8), Vargas (2/2). Coach: C. Bonnet.

The Auvergne results of this Saturday in handball, basketball and volleyball


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