National “Two Sessions” use cars to pass 37 barriers for physical examination, the proportion of electric vehicles accounted for

  The National “Two Sessions” use car physical examination to pass 37 barriers

  The inspection content includes vehicle qualification, appearance, safety performance, etc.; this year, the proportion of electric vehicles has increased to about 10% of all vehicles in the meeting

The national “two sessions” service guarantees that the vehicles have passed the inspection of 37 items before they pass the customs.

The headlights, wipers, high beams, brakes, etc. of vehicles used in the “Two Sessions” must be carefully inspected and recorded.

“Come on, take a look at your driving book first, then start the vehicle, check the turn signal and the horn.” Yesterday morning, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Department conducted a “comprehensive physical examination” on the vehicles guaranteed for the 2021 National “Two Sessions” service one by one to ensure that the two sessions will use vehicles. Safe and reliable. This year, all vehicles of the Beijing delegation use new energy vehicles.

The 14 vehicles of the Beijing delegation are all new energy vehicles

At 8 o’clock in the morning yesterday, the reporter saw at the Asian Games Village Motor Vehicle Inspection Field in Datun that dozens of black taxis had been neatly parked in the inspection field, with a form pinned to the front windshield of each car. All 37 items above are qualified to be considered as passing. These hard indicators include vehicle qualification, appearance, and safety performance. More than ten professionals inspect the vehicles one by one, and each item of headlights, wipers, high beams, and brakes must be carefully inspected and recorded.

According to Zhang Junfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of BAIC Taxi Group, this year is the 44th consecutive time the company has performed the transportation service mission of the National “Two Sessions”, with a total of 469 vehicles going to the meeting, of which the newly purchased Yutong T7 and the new Jinlong and Xinyutong buses 90 large and small vehicles such as Geely Automobile. The vehicles serving the “Two Sessions” pay more attention to low-carbon and environmental protection, and the proportion of electric vehicles has increased to about 10% of all vehicles in the conference. At the same time, the company strictly follows the requirements of epidemic prevention and control work to do a good job in vehicle ventilation and disinfection, and all drivers implement closed-loop management. It is worth mentioning that this year, all 14 vehicles of the Beijing delegation use new energy vehicles.

The fourth “big test” of the vehicle inspection includes three procedures

In order to ensure the safety of vehicles, in accordance with the requirements of the traffic control department, the vehicle will be inspected on-line this year, and the inspection report will be issued by the inspection site. At the same time, the vehicle appearance, steering, braking, lamps, tires, and whether the vehicle is equipped with fire extinguishers, etc. Routine inspections are more stringent.

“All vehicles going to the meeting must first go through the self-examination of the driver, the team, and the branch company. This time the vehicle inspection is considered the fourth major test. It is a system inspection at the testing site, including’professional inspection’,’computer inspection’, and’online Inspection’ three inspection procedures. Such as brakes, battery voltage, air-conditioning operation, etc. If problems are found, the vehicle must be repaired in time. The appearance of the vehicle that meets the standard does not even have a small scratch.” said Zhang Guodong, deputy general manager of BAIC Taxi Group .

Zhang Xu, a BAIC Kowloon driver who has served the “two sessions” across the country for many years, told reporters that this year, more stringent requirements have been put forward for epidemic prevention. Every vehicle is equipped with epidemic prevention materials. The attendants at the conference will begin temperature measurement and registration and vaccinations from February 4th. The company also has specific requirements in the driver’s manual for performing major tasks, such as never leaving the vehicle during the task, keeping the vehicle clean in rain and snow, and maintaining a medium speed.

Beijing News reporter Pei Jianfei


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