National team: Jürgen Klopp’s contract is Joachim Löw’s insurance

Jürgen Klopp can imagine taking over the national team. Not currently, however. Jürgen Klopp can look forward to a presidium meeting calmly.

Joachim Löw
can then still not be quite sure whether he can really look after the German team during the EM next year. After the 6-0 draw in Seville, it surprisingly quickly looked like that wagon-castle mentality that may be useful for short-term pacification – but the longer-term consequences of which are vague. Neither association president Fritz Keller nor the person responsible for the national team
Oliver Bierhoff
wanted each other after losing to
against the national coach. One day after the bankruptcy, Keller did not even mention Löw’s name in a statement, but he underlined his will to continue on the path he had chosen.

Thus, at least until March next, everything could have gone smoothly. Then there are World Cup qualifiers. The national team will come together for the first time since the historic debacle. They are also the last games before the squad nomination for the European Championship.

Oliver Bierhoff has to explain to the presidium how the team will continue

But now Oliver Bierhoff has to explain the situation of the national team in a presidium meeting on December 4th. The 18-member body rarely appears in public. Usually when the national selection is not particularly good. Bierhoff himself has a seat on the Presidium, so he was not specially summoned. Until December 4th, however, he should work out together with Löw how things are really going with the team and why the title shouldn’t be completely absurd in the coming year.

Joachim Löw is under massive pressure after the 6-0 defeat against Spain.

Image: Robert Michael, dpa-Zentralbild, dpa

“There is no free ticket for Jogi Löw,” quotes the image an unnamed member of the Presidium. The only question is how the committee will act in the unlikely event that Bierhoff’s statements lead to fear of a catastrophic EM. After all, the DFB would first have to resort to a solution that could probably only satisfy the longings of very few football fans. Both Hansi Flick and
Jürgen Klopp
are currently not available as Löw successors. “Now? No. I don’t have time, I have a job – a pretty intense job, by the way, ”said Klopp. The coach is contractually bound to Liverpool FC until 2024. At least he could imagine taking over the national team at another point in time. “Maybe in the future.” Whenever that is.

Hansi Flick is also not available as Löw’s successor

Bayern coach Flick made a similar statement. He “doesn’t waste any thoughts” on the job of national coach. “I’m under contract here, I have a great team and I work for a great club. A lot is right now, ”said the 55-year-old World on Sunday. “The fact that criticism arises after the result is understandable, but it does not change my assessment that the DFB-Elf will play a good role at next year’s EM with appropriate preparation. The question about me does not arise for me. “

But if Flick and Klopp are not available, the much more bulky Thomas Tuchel and Ralf Rangnick would be the next candidates on the trainer list. But both are likely to be difficult to place in the Presidium. Loew can not yet be sure of leading the team into the pan-European EM – but the clumsy group of officials will hardly dismiss him before Christmas due to the lack of alternatives.

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