“National Smart City Accelerator Program for Startup Entrepreneurs in Thailand”

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) and the Thailand Management Association (TMA) have jointly organized the National Smart City Accelerator Program and are open for startup entrepreneurs with innovation or technology that can help improve the quality of life of the people in the city. various aspects Come join the development of a smart city or Smart City through a variety of activities that will help entrepreneurs have knowledge, readiness and can actually raise products to the market.

After opening for applications There are a lot of smart city startup entrepreneurs who are interested and apply for participation in the event. And selected by a central committee of experts, the National Smart City Accelerator Program has 25 teams of potential startup entrepreneurs participating in the next activity.

which the next activity that is going to happen It is a workshop activity for entrepreneurs to present their innovations to solve the most challenging problems of the big city. It also provides an opportunity to plan together to set a mission for a smart city. From existing innovations and core resources

Workshop led by expert speakers

This workshop was honored by Mr. Dave Blakely, CEO of Mach 49, to lead the event. Mr. Dave Blakely has more than 30 years of experience in providing strategic advice to businesses and is an expert in business building. new by integrating technology match business opportunities and consumer demand

In the past, Mr. Dave Blakely has advised many entrepreneurs. It’s about creating new ways of doing business and bringing innovative products and services to the market. which makes this workshop activity special like it can’t be found anywhere else except in the National Smart City Accelerator Program

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with workshop content that will help solve problems and develop startup innovations

Analyze and find opportunities and learn how entrepreneurs can seize them.

In this session, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn how to help solve and overcome the city’s challenges. To see the potential and create common goals between startups and organizations in bringing technology to develop smart cities.

Delve deeper into Megatrend and create a joint mission to develop a smart city.

Of course, if creating innovations that are practical and meet the needs of consumers. We must first learn what consumers want. In this session, entrepreneurs are introduced to understand trends, demands in the area, and delve into Megatrends, brainstorming products, services, or processes that lead to their goals.

See you on May 22 at 8:30-17:00 at Sathorn Thani 2 Glowfish Building, 2nd floor, The Conference Hall 1, BTS Chong Nonsi.

*For all 25 finalists, please check your email. to learn more details

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