National situation: Kaya’s message or Ibrahim Traoré’s refoundation speech

Like a political orientation speech, President Captain Ibrahim Traoré set from Kaya this Thursday, March 23 the course of what he intends to do during the transition for his country, Burkina Faso and its inhabitants, the Burkinabè. Kaya’s message must then be understood as the trajectory to be taken for a new Burkina Faso. President Ibrahim Traoré is well aware of the issues he knows about. Also, after having made the diagnosis of the situation of the country and located the responsibilities of each other, he recalled that the youth will never abandon Burkina.

First on the security level, after calling on all young people to mobilize and commit to the liberation of the country, “our country”, he told the armed terrorist groups that the more they attack, the more they give reasons for the Burkinabè to mobilize to fight them. Also, if they can come and attack, they won’t come back safe and sound. From now on, Burkina Faso has acquired, and will continue to acquire, military and technical material means to monitor the territory and protect the Burkinabè. Moreover, all combatants engaged in the defense of the homeland will very soon be equipped with means of combat to track down the enemy wherever he finds himself on the national territory. The fight that had not started has therefore begun for the liberation of our lands.

Then, in terms of rebuilding the nation, he observes that for a long time, those who have had the opportunity to work to satisfy the concerns of young people and raise the country to a fairly acceptable level of development haven’t done it. On the contrary, they spent the time getting rich, looking after themselves instead of looking after the nation. “Never again,” almost hinted the president. “What have they done for this country, for these young people? “. Nothing, apparently! Also, the president intends to launch in the coming days vast programs, in practically all sectors to get the Burkinabè out of the difficult conditions in which they live because they have been abandoned. Thus, in terms of drinking water supply, the Captain proclaimed that by the end of the transition, no Burkinabe should no longer drink water from a backwater or a well. Boreholes will be drilled everywhere to allow people to have access to drinking water. We want to say congratulations!

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In terms of governance, without specifying the measures that will be taken, the Captain President indicated that we are not going to leave this country in the hands of people who will only come for their own interests. What is clear and everyone is warned. Especially all those who have the opportunity to work for the country and who have done nothing; but who did everything for themselves.

Dabaoué Audrianne KANI

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