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At the same time, India was TikTok’s second largest market, with more than 120 million people using the app. Business Insider pointed out that the claims against TikTok followed immediately after the military clash in the Sino-Indian border conflict, in which 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives.

On August 3, Trump’s claims followed. The US president said that if TikTok did not sell part of the service in the US to an American company, such as Microsoft, TikTok would be banned in the US. Trump later signed two orders banning the Chinese messaging app WeChat and TikTok from the United States, which will take effect on September 20.

As a result, all app users in the U.S. were given 45 days to opt out. These apps were reported to pose a threat to U.S. national security. According to Trump, TikTok collects “massive information” about American users, allowing the Chinese authorities to track down federal officials, blackmail them, and conduct espionage operations.

Bloomberg reported that Trump’s actions deepened the confrontation with China. In this way, the US is trying to reduce China‘s influence in technology. Competition with China is one of the main themes of Trump’s pre-election campaign. The election of a new president in the United States will take place on November 3, so Trump wants to play different loud cards, because according to polls, he gives in to his rival from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.

“We are shocked by a presidential order issued in violation of procedural rules,” TikTok said in an official statement on August 7. The company said it would fight for the truth – “if it fails to prove it [ASV prezidenta] administration, it will have to do so in the US courts “.

Microsoft offer

TikTok is negotiating part of the sale of its business with Microsoft and other corporations, The New York Times reported on July 31st. It was confirmed three days later that Microsoft is in talks with ByteDance. Microsoft said that if the deal takes place, the data of all TikTok American users will be stored on servers in the United States, but the service will be more transparent to users.

Initially, the US corporation wanted to buy a segment of the social network in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but it was later reported that parts of the Indian and European business were also being discussed. Trumps, meanwhile, said “buying the whole TikTok would be a lot easier than buying just 30% of the business.” The deal was estimated at $ 25-30 billion. Trump stressed that no matter which company buys the US segment of the social network, it will also have to pay “a lot of money to the US Treasury”.

The idea that the US Treasury could receive part of the money for this deal was found to be illegal and unethical because the idea was drafted by Trump.

However, on September 13, it became known that ByteDance had informed Microsoft that it would not sell part of its business.


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