National Police Chief Apologizes about Telegram Media Prohibition of Showing Police Violence

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comPolice chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo apologize regarding the telegram letter which regulates the implementation of coverage containing violence / and or crimes in broadcast programs journalism.

Sigit understands the emergence of various interpretations of the telegram letter.

“We apologize for the misinterpretation that inconveniences media friends. Once again we always need corrections from media and external friends to improve the National Police’s institution so that it can be better,” said Sigit in his statement, Tuesday (6/4 / 2021).

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Sigit explained that the spirit underlying the issuance of the telegram was for the police not to act arrogantly or carry out their duties according to the applicable standard operating procedures.

Through this telegram, said Sigit, he instructed all police personnel to continue to act decisively, but also to prioritize the humanist side in upholding the law in society.

“My direction is that the Police can appear firm but humanist. However, we see that in the media broadcasts there are still many arrogant displays of members, therefore, please help members to be more careful in their attitude in the field,” said Sigit.

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According to Sigit, the behavior of police officers is always under the spotlight by the community.

The arrogant actions of police officers can damage the image of the Police, which is currently trying to be better and more professional.

“It is still often seen that members appear arrogant in broadcast coverage in the media, things like that should be improved so that the members’ appearance will look better, firm but humanist,” he said.

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Sigit acknowledged that the telegram caused differences in perceptions among circles pers.

He emphasized that the telegram was not intended to limit journalistic work of journalists medium mass against the police.

“It’s not prohibiting the media not to record or take pictures of members who are arrogant or commit violations,” he said.

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Sigit said that the Bhayangkara Corps still needed criticism and suggestions from all elements of society.

Sigit also stated that the National Police respects the role of the media as one of the pillars of democracy.

The telegram letter number ST / 750 / IV / HUM.3.4.5. / 2021 was previously signed by the National Police Chief on April 5, 2021.

Telegram contains 11 points regarding the implementation of coverage containing violence / and or crimes in journalistic broadcast programs.

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One of its contents is to prohibit the media from broadcasting police actions that display arrogance and violence.

Therefore, the media are urged to broadcast police activities that are firm but humanist.

The Telegram letter was later revoked by letter Telegram of the Chief of Police number ST / 759 / IV / HUM.3.4.5. / 2021 signed by the Head of Public Relations of the National Police, Inspector General (Pol) Argo Yuwono on behalf of the Chief of Police.


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