National News Agency – Raad called during a Husseini rally for “Hezbollah” in Nabatiyeh to form a government with full powers: We are waiting, but not for an open time, for the enemy’s answers to the Lebanese presidents’ demands regarding the demarcation

Tania – Nabatiyeh – “Hezbollah” organized a Husseini march this afternoon in the city of Nabatiyeh, on the thirteenth day of Muharram, under the slogan: “Forty years and we will stay with Hussein.” And the Mujahideen divided from the Nabatiyeh stadium, led by the musical band affiliated with the “Imam Al-Mahdi” scouts, and the campaign of the Lebanese and Palestinian flags, party banners and black and green banners on which “Ya Hussein” was written, and “young teams” marched in the “Imam Al-Mahdi” scouts, which raised flags Scouts, Husseini banners, and pictures of the late Imam Khomeini, the hidden Imam, Sayyid Musa al-Sadr, Sayyid Ali Khamenei, the Secretary-General of “Hezbollah” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and the martyrs and leaders of the Islamic Resistance. Also, the “malignant processions” marched in black, green and yellow clothes, and the participants bandaged their foreheads with banners that read: “You, Nasrallah,” “Ya Hussein,” “O Thar of God,” and chanted Islamic and Husseini lamentations and the slogan “Death to America,” in addition to crowds of Women’s bodies” and the families of the martyrs and their mothers, who carried pictures of their sons.

The march was attended by the head of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc, MP Muhammad Raad, the official of the second district in “Hezbollah” Ali Daoun, the mayor of Nabatiyeh, Dr. Ahmed Kahil, personalities, figures, religious scholars and thousands of citizens.

The march roamed the main streets of Nabatiyeh, amid crowds of citizens, who climbed the balconies of institutions and buildings, and stood on the sides of the roads, while units of the army, internal security forces and elements of Hezbollah discipline took strict security measures, and headed to the vicinity of the Husseini Club, which was surrounded by Lebanese flags. Resistance banners.


After a speech by colleague Imad Awada, Representative Muhammad Raad said: “40 years of age, we console Hussein with our blood, we present the martyrs, we fight the battlefield, and the wounded fall from us, and the Mujahideen keep following those who died and some of them are waiting. The oppressor and the victory of the oppressed, standing up for God and for the sake of God, to confront the enemies of God, wherever they are, in every time and place.

He added: “We pledge to God, our people, and ourselves that we will not lose sight of ourselves until we achieve the goals of Al-Hussein in righteousness, justice, freedom, pride and victory for all of humanity. Imam Al-Hussein triumphed in Karbala for the values ​​of loyalty, integrity, cooperation, interdependence and solidarity, and stopping the hand of the oppressor from the oppressed, supporting the truth and achieving justice, and on this we proceed.”

He continued: “In this Husseini Karbalai gathering, our loyal people, we express our solidarity and support for all the weak and all wars that reject wars and aggression, foremost among them the resistant people of Palestine, whose steadfastness and steadfastness we salute in the face of the Zionist enemy. Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Hajj Mughniyeh, Mr. Mustafa Badreddine, brother martyr Lieutenant-General Qassem Soleimani, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and all the martyrs of the axis of resistance.”

And he added: “We ask God for our people in Iraq to put an end to their ordeal, in which terrorists, the forces sponsoring them and America invest. We look forward to the sons of the oppressed peoples in Bahrain and the resistant Yemen to live in their homelands freely.”

Raad called for “accelerating the formation of a government with full powers in Lebanon, qualified to perform its duties and seek to secure what this oppressed and besieged people needs and to address their aggravating problems.” The enemy’s answers to the demands of the Lebanese presidents, so that we can build on the required thing.”

He added: “The Israeli enemy must understand that our account with him will remain open until the complete liberation of our land, waters and airspace is achieved, and the hand will remain on the trigger and will not distract us from protecting our country, temptations or promises.”

He concluded: “In our opinion, the US administration will remain a blatant model of global terrorism, arrogance, and confiscation of peoples’ freedoms.”

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