National mobilization against the suspension of a mathematics teacher in Nanterre

The protest movement at the Joliot-Curie high school in Nanterre is not in the majority but continues for the third consecutive week. Since the beginning of the school year, between thirty and forty teachers (out of 160) have taken turns to go on strike while their colleague, the syndicated mathematics professor at Sud Éducation, Kai Terada, is subject to suspension from the conservatory for a reason. which is not clear.

The mobilization rises again this Wednesday since a national appeal was launched by the Sud éducation-CGT-FO-Snes-FSU interunion for a support demonstration organized in front of the Ministry of National Education at 15:00. According to the unions, this demonstration also aims to denounce other similar measures affecting unionized teachers across France.

While the unions denounce “the evident trade union repression”, the rectorate of Versailles defends it, a measure “to guarantee the peaceful functioning” of a school of 1,600 students, subject to the “tensions” detected during an audit conducted at the end of last year .

Against his transfer

The suspended math professor, in charge since 2006 in Nanterre, has sent a hierarchical appeal to the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye. “Normally, when you are suspended as a precaution, it is because you have committed a serious fault. However, this is not the case. My administrative file is empty, assures Kai Terada. During the September 8 interview with the academy HRD, I was told that I would be offered a transfer in the interest of the service and it was presented to me as a promotion. But I’m tied to Joliot-Curie. This is my first job, I never wanted to change it when with my points I could have already left the factory.

On occasion in this interview, the math professor tried in vain to find out more about the reason for his suspension. “The HRD told us that the conclusions of the 360 ​​° assessment remained confidential. The only thing we have been told is that the school is experiencing a huge turnover of management teams. However, the three former directors left because they got the transfer they wanted. So I don’t really see the connection with the staff room, “continues Kai Terada.

According to a source, it would seem that the scientist’s union activism overflowed into the teachers’ room, in a high school that since May 1968 has been the cradle of protest and the balance of power between administration and teachers. Also according to our information, families repeatedly complain about the strikes taking place there. His activism could have upset the institution, but this reason cannot be given because it is akin to an obstacle to trade union rights and the right to strike.

The city invites to dialogue and a return to calm

According to the school’s striking staff, the AR of the academy justified the measure, in particular with a behavior of Kai Terada that could “go beyond the framework of the union mandate”. But for them it is neither more nor less than “silencing any controversy”. The Sud Éducation union then kidnapped the Defender of Rights to shed light on “this strong presumption of trade union discrimination”.

Without wishing to take sides, the city of Nanterre sent a letter to the rectorate of Versailles, asking for the conflict to be “resolved in the best possible conditions” and to call for “dialogue, transparency and serenity”. “The municipality will not interfere in a decision involving an administration and its agent. We just want a return to calm for the good of students and their families, ”said Assia Kachour, municipal councilor for secondary education.

This Thursday evening Kai Terada will definitely know if he will be reinstated at Joliot-Curie or if he will be transferred. If the academy offers him another institution, the teacher already knows that he will proceed to a summary suspension in order to prevent the execution of the decision. As for him, the rectorate of Versailles reserves the right to answer us from this date and does not wish to intervene sooner.

A delegation received by the ministry. This Wednesday afternoon, the ministry received a delegation of eight union delegates and Kai Terada, referring them to the decision of the Versailles Academy this Thursday. “The ministry assured that there was no sanction, since he (Kai Terada) continues to receive his treatment, nor union repression,” said colleagues and supporters of the teacher from Nanterre, still incomprehensible about his suspension.

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