National. Former FC Metz midfielder Mayoro N’Doye joins AS Nancy-Lorraine

It is a name which, first of all, will bring back bad memories to ASNL supporters. One day of the derby, March 1, 2014, when Jeff Louis was tripped by being caught in individual marking by a certain Mayoro N’Doye, replaced by coach Albert Cartier just after the expulsion of the Haitian striker.

The new ASNL recruit is therefore the Senegalese midfielder trained at Génération Foot, now 30 years old. A player of 1.78 m, strong in recovering the ball and very disciplined as the episode Jeff Louis at Picot had shown well…

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Several climbs to his credit

After leaving Metz in 2015, N’Doye joined Strasbourg for three years, then Tours for a season (2017-2018), before leaving for Gazélec Ajaccio where he found Albert Cartier. The two men know each other well and like each other. It is necessarily an asset when the Nancy coach will seek relays to get his messages across in a group undergoing total reconstruction.

Mayoro N’Doye also has the advantage of having a solid experience of the National Championship, in particular because he has spent the last two years at Red Star, even finishing with 3 goals and 2 assists in 2021-2022.

Above all, the Senegalese has already participated in two National promotions to Ligue 2, one with FC Metz in 2013 and another with Strasbourg in 2016.

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