National Football Top 40 World Preliminary Schedule: 4 games played in 12 days in June tournament system_强赛第

Original title: Top 40 National Football World Preliminaries Schedule: 4 games within 12 days of the June game system

On February 17th, according to domestic media sources, the latest schedule of the National Football World Preliminaries was released and will be held in June. The event will be a 12-day 4 game system.

June 3: National Football Team VS Maldives

June 7: National Football Team VS Guam

June 11: National Football VS Philippines

June 15: National Football VS Syria

Earlier this month, a considerable number of AFC member associations, including the Malaysian Football Association, proposed to postpone the 7th and 8th rounds of the top 40 matches originally planned for March to June. The reason for his proposal is that the current member associations (regions) have introduced and implemented strict epidemic prevention measures, which objectively restricts the entry and exit of teams.Return to Sohu to see more


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