“National Cuties turned International Disaster: Bulgaria’s Political Chaos”

These two cuties have gone from being a national cutie to an international disaster. They managed to involve in their mud games foreign embassies, Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel and other high-ranking officials from Europe, as heard from the recording of their speeches before the National Council of the PP, writes in an editorial comment the editor-in-chief of “Trud” Petyo Bluskov .

Let Radev give them the mandate, kick them into the Parliament and let’s go to elections. I hope that the people will finally open their eyes and see that the charlatans that this same Radev brought upon us are about to ruin and tarnish Bulgaria irreversibly, Bluskov commented.

And as Mr. Karadayi said, the next Parliament should convene a Great National Assembly in order to fix the wrong Constitution, because of which Rumen Radev has been running the country on a spit for two years. And Kircho and Kokorcho to slowly take the Via Dolorosa. Bai Stavri is waiting for them at the end, suggests Petyo Blaskov.

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2023-05-27 17:56:37

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