National Calendar 3 Pays de la Loire: 4th day

Accs Service PRO

With the PRO service
Create your PRO CV online.
(Tl, agent, stats, ext
videos, type of contract …)

Player search engine
Favorites list
Talents Foot National
Access PRO data

The PRO service at a glance

Foot-National was created in 2001. In June 2013, we set up a new service
relationship between players and clubs. We have simply become the N1 platform
in the world of French football, the tool we offer is
The reference for coaches in their recruitment and monitoring of players in a season.

Be the next Talent repr
By subscribing to the Service-Pro, you take control of your file and you control your image
(photos, professional background, statistics, videos).
All Ligue 1 DH clubs have access to the Professional CV database
and they are more than 300 logging in on a regular basis looking for new talent.

+ 2000 CV PRO players have changed clubs since June 2013.


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