National Bank tests voice robot to collect cards and loans

The Banco Nacional Financial Conglomerate began testing a voice bot for loan collections, including credit cards.

A bot refers to a robot and is a computer program that automatically performs repetitive tasks.

“2,500 people have already been contacted through this channel, with presentation messages about the collection management, in order to advance in the use of the tool, until the moment when its application is decided and the public will be notified already in a massive way, as well as the details of this type of contact ”, indicated the entity, in a statement.

The Bank highlighted, through a statement, that in accordance with the National Bank’s security prevention policies, personal data, passwords, or account access pins will never be requested through this tool.

The entity explained that it is a virtual assistant that uses the voice to interact with customers, simulating human conversations based on artificial intelligence.

“This channel aims to bring customers important information regarding their credit products and also interact with the robot to manage their payment commitments in a simple and efficient way,” the entity reported.

As explained by the Bank in the statement, the virtual assistant will provide customers with simple and detailed information, with a personalized treatment and adjusting the agreement to the benefit and possibilities of both parties.

You can also give the client the updated details, such as days of delay, amount in arrears, possible dates to pay, among others.

“With this information, the client better understands their situation, and together, beneficial commitments for both parties can be reached,” said the entity.

In the event that a client presents special situations, the virtual assistant will give him the option to escalate his case and be attended by specialized officials, with the idea of ​​managing the improvement of his financial situation by any of the established and regulated means, he added. the bank.

“In summary, with this bot, a virtual assistant, it will facilitate customer management and promote a better experience with them. Customers will have more and better tools to control their payments in a simple and efficient way, while, on the part of the Bank, the expectation is to support customers so that when necessary, they can resume their payments and normalize the situation they present ”, the entity indicated in the statement.

Danilo Montero, director of the Financial Consumer Office commented that there are issues that may be resolved by the Bank, but that must be addressed such as data protection and how the entity ensures that there are no discriminatory treatments between someone who goes to the robot and to which a natural person goes.

Montero considered that it is an experience that must be given time.

“Artificial intelligence technology has advanced impressively and therefore one can expect that the Bank is using the top of the line at this time, but still they are technologies that are in the process of being improved so it will have to be given time to achieve this. apply and begin to bear the first fruits ”, concluded Montero.


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